No. 5: Iyengar-Yoga for Healthy Aging

“Yoga and age – the longer we live, the more interesting becomes the question of how we can and want to fill our life to make it good. While at the beginning of our life we receive our body as a gift, resilient, full of strength and energy to heal itself, these powers naturally diminish later in life and we have to learn to cope with these changes. And more and more often, we think about the meaning of life and come to appreciate 
the qualities of calmness, gratefulness, the love of nature and care.

In her way of practising and teaching yoga, Rita Keller joins all of these aspects together. As a student of the great master Iyengar, who taught an extremely precise and minutely detailed yoga, she went through a hard and very profound education.

As a doctor and a human being I have learnt a lot from Rita Keller by practising yoga as well as in many conversations. I am very happy that in this book she passes on some of her knowledge and hopefully motivates you to explore yourself. Your health and vitality will surely benefit.”

Prof. Dr. med. Gustav Dobos

This book gives illustrated background knowledge on yoga asanas and sequences concentrating on the following subjects:

Stability and Balance
Daily Routines to
Stay Healthy
Back problems
Strengthening the Heart
High Blood Pressure
Pelvic Floor
Prostate Gland
The Power of the Hands – Mudras
The Power of Sound – Mantras


ISBN: 978-3-947191-05-5

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